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Update Your Bookmarks/Feeds Yo!

Posted by Murr on March 6, 2009


*throws a party*

I will now be located at http://murr.natsuzora.org/ thanks to ZOMBIE GENOCIDEIST SEI. ILU ❤

Find me there, loyal (?) readers!


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Introspection lolwut?

Posted by Murr on February 17, 2009

Hi. I’ve done a lot of thinking lately about what I want to do with this blog. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Morning Musume and all acts associated with them through Hello! Project and such, but I think my goal in writing this blog has changed. You see, before I started this blog, I was (and still am) a big fan of International Wota, a website that “provides coverage of Japanese music blogs in English, but actually reviews the material instead of simply sharing the feeds”. They provided me with the material to actually indulge in my wotadom and not be shy about it. There is also a forum and an IRC channel associated with them. I am practically always on there, and count the regulars there amongst my friends. Most on #wotachat are bloggers, and damned good ones at that. The styles of these writers, these bloggers, run the range of posts that take days, maybe even weeks to put together, and daily posts. Reading their posts is truly enjoyable. And it is that, and other things, that led me to the conclusion that my writing must change.

I have not been happy with the way that my posts have been. When I first started blogging, my main reason for writing, silly as it is, was to be covered on IW. That, though motivating in some way, was not a good reason for me to primarily be writing. I had initially wanted to just discuss my thoughts with the community and get feedback and different perspectives/opinions on such matters. When did that fail to be the primary directive? You have to admit, some (read: all) of my posts, all 16 of them) have been, well, shit, to put it best. Little to no thought goes into my posts. I realize that, yes, I mainly blog in reaction to big news that happens in the community I’m involved with, or to things that catch my eye and warrant enough attention to be written about on my blog. But I want to change that. I’ve been inspired, you could say, by this part of the blogosphere, the J-music bloggers. I want to mature in my writing, become someone that you’ll actually WANT to read. I’m pretty sure my last post wasn’t worth even skimming.

So where do I go from here? I’m not sure actually. I feel that if I write similarly to those I admire, I’ll just blend in with them, disappear under their blog’s shadows. But I don’t want to continue in the way that I have been. Hm. I don’t know. And for now, it’s okay for me to not know where I’m going. I’ll take this one post at a time. I hope this becomes a blog that you, the reader, can’t wait to be updated, anxiously waiting for the next post to be put up. I know that’s a long way from now. And I’m slowly working my way up there. Wait for me. 今から、私に応援して下さい。And remember to go strongly!

In the meantime, check out this hawtness.


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Resonant Live is FIERCE!

Posted by Murr on February 2, 2009

*snaps fingers* That is no lie. Folks, I’ve decided to blog while watching. Hopefully this post will make sense. If not, oh well. I’ve decided to write it instead of recording myself because if I did, then all you would hear is “FUCK, she’s hot,” and things of that nature. And who would want to listen to me talking for nearly two hours?! I know I wouldn’t. XD


I suppose I should have screencaps, but I was just too involved while writing about the concert. I can only do 2-3 things at a time. I’m not some miracle worker! While I would love to go back and caps some pics so you would know what I was talking about, I’m afraid that I can only take so much awesome at once. Well, here is my Resonant LIVE blog review.


01. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!
02. Mikan
03. Pepper Keibu
04. TOP (Kamei dance solo)
05. Yah! Aishitai
06. Inspiration
07. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan
08. Purple wind (Takahashi, Niigaki, Kusumi, Aika, JunJun, LinLin)
09. Lemon Iro to Milk Tea
MC (Kamei, Michishige, Tanaka)
10. Tan Tan Taan! (Koharu)
11. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kiduka nu Donkan na Hito (Aika)
12. Guru Guru Jump (Koharu, JunJun, LinLin)
13. Indigo Blue Love (Niigaki)/ Mushoku Toumei na Mama De (Takahashi)
14. Take off is now (Takahashi, Niigaki, Tanaka)
MC (Koharu, Aika, JunJun, LinLin)
15. Dou ni mo Tomaranai
16. Koi no Dial 6700
MC (Takahashi, Niigaki)
17. Souda We’re Alive
18. Onna ni Sachi Are
19. Roman ~ My Dear Boy ~ 
20. Koko ni Iruzee
MC (Takahashi, Niigaki)
21. Resonant Blue
22. Ame no Furanai wa Hasenai darou?
23. Aozora ga itsu made mo tsuduku you na mirai de are! (No train)

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Wota Wonderings 001: New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Murr on January 17, 2009

Welcome to Wota Wonderings! We are a group of english-speaking Japanese music bloggers brought together once a month to answer questions posed by johpan. We strive to be creative and entertaining, and we may even shed a bit of new light on interesting musical and cultural topics. Any questions about how we work should be directed to johpan. Don’t forget to check out the other posts from this month at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

If you were someone in the Japanese music industry who could influence a change, what would your New Year’s resolution be?


If you were the Japanese music industry (or maybe just a specific genre), what would your New Year’s resolution be? In other words, what’s something you’d like to change about yourself?

Hm. Both are good questions. Interesting points of view. For the first one, since I’m not as familiar with the rest of the Japanese music industry as I am with Hello! Project and all acts associated with that, I would answer this from the view of Tsunku.

Tsunku: Hm… I would take song writing lessons, so that the songs I make my girls perform reach a wider audience. I would also hook back up with Dance Man. The songs he arranged for my girls back then were the shit! I could actually dance to that stuff… Hm. I think I want another generation. Let’s graduate Koharu and Takahashi and add 4 more girls to the lineup. And they must be QUALITY singers! Basically, what I’m trying to do here is recreate the golden age for the current lineup. Maybe I should concentrate on writing for Morning Musume only… Nah, who am I kidding? I’d die before anyone else wrote for them… Haha, maybe I should summon Aku Yuu’s spirit. And then I would demand a bigger budget from Up Front. HOW CAN THEY EXPECT ME TO WORK WITH SO LITTLE!? *cough* Anyway, shuffles and all that good stuff that was lost in the past. :Db BELIEVE IT!

Now, as the Japanese Music industry… I would replace the staff at the Oricon Rankings. There is no way in HELL that people buy all of JE’s crap to the point that it’s number one all the time. I also want to put a limit on how much an artist or group can put out a year, so that everything is of a better quality and everyone competes on a better basis. I don’t know. Things are so scattered nowadays. I want to organize things a little better, and I’ll get back to you next year! ;D

Well. I don’t know how well that went. Probably not of the best quality but I’m influenced! By… persuasions of the liquid sort. 😀

Here are some others:

Wota Wonderings 1: New Year’s Reolutions (Solo Space)
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[Wota Wonderings] New Years Resolution… (Renai Revolution 21)
Wota Wonderings: Resolutions, anyone? (boylikesmusic)

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iTunes Survey: Jan. 2009

Posted by Murr on January 15, 2009

I’ve decided to do a survey of my iTunes library. Because while I LOVE Hello! Project, I also like listening to other Japanese music. That probably won’t be shown so much in this survey, but I still thought it should be known.

I got this survey from Solo’s Last.fm account, who claims it was a “random survey scraped from the Internets”. XD, I love that guy he’s so awesome! First we’ll do my whole library, and then we’ll do my Japanese music library since I tend to mark all my Japanese music J-genre. Anyway, let’s get to it!


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Posted by Murr on January 2, 2009

Yay me! Lookie here, lookie here! I found the tracklist to Ice Cream Musume’s debut CD, 1st 最高 (which translates to 1st Best, as you all may know).


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Merry Christmas From Tsuyoki de Yukoze and H!P

Posted by Murr on December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you out there! Hope you enjoy your holidays!!!


More of my fave holiday pics after the jump!

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ハロ!プロ 2008 ベスト!

Posted by Murr on December 24, 2008

The Awesomest Girl in the World, Amy from Merry Go Round, has a poll up! Hello! Project’s best of 2008. I’m looking forward to this! But in order to do this properly I have to listen to it all again… Mou iya da!


Best Group Single

Oh man, there were a lot I liked… For example, Resonant Blue, Come Together, Tan Tan Taan, and Rottara Rottara. There’s just too much! But it’s between those four. Why must you make this so hard, H!P?! Ummm. Eeny meeny miney mo, I guess? *does it* So… Come Together was chosen from that, but I don’t agree with it XD. I’m gonna pick Rottara Rottara. Why? There’s a good reason why I still can’t get it outta my head after it released a while ago.

Best Soloist Single

Hands down, Screen. Abe Natsumi is and always has been awesome. I really love her voice. Next up would be Kizuna, and then Okitegami. Though Ayaya and Miki are on about the same level for me. There is no way in hell I’m gonna pick Koharu and her  screechy, make my ears bleed voice.

Best Group Album

5(FIVE) was awesome. I mean, except for that small bump called REAL LOVE, it pretty much rocked my socks. But the same can go for COVER YOU. Hm… I can’t choose. Ah Merry-go-round and Shiroi Chou no Samba were the best tracks on the album IMO. :3

Best Soloist Album

Legend. I absolutely adore Nakazawa Yuuko’s work, and to have it all put together in one set makes it very convenient.

Best PV

Pepper Keibu. Why? Gaki thighs.

Group With Best Overall Releases

モーニング娘。です。Mothership FTW! Though C-ute and Berryz Koubou were pretty active.

Best New Group (debuted in 2008 c.e.)

Milky Way! They’re so much fun to listen to. ^___^

Best New Soloist (debuted in 2008 c.e.)

Well, since only one soloist debuted, it’s not really fair to pick her now is it. Besides. I don’t like her.

Best Established Group (did not debut in 2008 c.e.)

モーニング娘。です。Of course the group with the best releases would have to be the best. Makes sense, right? i thought so.

Best Established Soloist (did not debut in 2008 c.e.)

Ayaya. Have you seen Aya the Witch? No? You should.

Best Photobook

Because I don’t really care for the photobooks, I’ll take Amy’s suggestion and go with Airi’s photobook. Whatever the hell it was called.

Hottest Idol of 2008

Uhhhh. Uh. Uhm. So many… Uh…. Gaki-san. Why? Gaki-thighs.


Worst Group Single

Edit: I hadGachinko de Ikou for worst single initially, but now that I think about it… I’m gonna pick La La La Shiawase no Uta. Repetitive… Simple… And an uninspired dance to go along with it. In addition to that, it just doesn’t fit with the image that C-ute has been cultivating this previous year.

Worst Soloist Single

It’s a throw up between all of Koharu and all of Man Erina. Let’s just leave it at that.

Worst PV

The original PV for 16sai no Koi Nante. Come on. Just standing outside the ramen shop? I think not. What the hell were you thinking, Up-Front?

Worst Vocalist of 2008

Koharu. Explanation needed?

Least Attractive Girl of 2008

AHAHAHA, Risako Sugaya. LOL let’s throw in Mano too. Cause they’re both boring and pointless.

For some reason that last one really cracked me up.

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Maeda Yuki has another single!?

Posted by Murr on December 21, 2008

About time! This woman is freaking fantastic when it comes to singing, and yet she’s left on the wayside for people who can’t sing… like Koharu. And Manno Erina. Che. Whatever. I should just be glad that she’s being given another single under the Hello!Project umbrella before she’s forcefully graduated and thrown out into the wider J-ongaku world. Even though her singles have never sold well, I’ve always bought one. I LOVE YOU, MAEDA YUKI. *cough* Sorry, that was unexpected.


Beautiful woman.

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I Didn’t Know…

Posted by Murr on December 17, 2008

They got down like that!

Haha, so back in 2003, Morning Musume was on SMAPxSMAP… Maybe not that exact show, but a show where SMAP hosts (god knows they have a lot of them). They had decided on a MoMusu melody with the guys singing along!

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